The Experienced-Based, 
Science-Backed Guide To Managing Pectus Excavatum

The Pectus Handbook
  • ​​Learn the most relevant facts about pectus excavatum, including the chance of having it and potential symptoms.
  • Utilize diaphragmatic breathing techniques to aid in proper posture and increasing chest wall volume.
  • Understand the importance of strength training for pectus, especially as it relates to proper exercise selection and execution.
  • Gain insight into the necessary steps needed for muscle growth and the overall process the body must go through for adaptation. 
  • Understand how Hatha Yoga is proven to improve lung-volume and why tight muscles limit your ability to build muscle and get stronger.
  • Get exact calculations for determining the amount of nutrients needed for muscle growth.
  • Receive an action plan for putting all of the steps listed into effect, so you can begin improving your pectus excavatum right away.
Please note: This ebook is not about fixing pectus excavatum. Exercise alone will not fix this condition. I severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Please consult with a physician before using any of the information provided.

Take These Steps Today For Your Pectus Excavatum

If taking off your shirt is a traumatic experience, we know the feeling. 

Pectus excavatum makes it hard enough to be confident in the way you look. The last thing you need is additional frustration when you begin the process of making improvements. 

When you start following the action plan outlined in this ebook correctly and consistently, your body has no choice but to change.

Begin utilizing the tried-and-true methods and strategies that we've been able to develop so that you don't have to guess what works. 

"This journey can be quite challenging, both physically and mentally.

I struggled mightily, feeling a bit helpless in the my pectus journey.

Once I learned how to manipulate my physique through training and proper breathing, my confidence skyrocketed."

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